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Patient Case Study (#0957)

This case study involves a 47-year-old female with pain from a ruptured disc in her back. The injury occurred 16 years prior, and pain was radiating from her back to her shoulders and hips. She reported high levels of stress from her injury and was sleeping 3 or less hours a night due to pain. After using the Vx Therapy program this patient experienced:

  • 29% decrease in average pain levels from starting level of pain at the start of the Vx Therapy Program
  • Pain relief lasting from 1-3 hours after headset use with an average of 2 hours of relief following her Vx sessions
  • Stress levels reduced enough for her to stop her blood pressure medication and her pain medication usage was substantially reduced

Patient Quote – “I sleep more and can do yoga for longer periods. My strength, endurance, and focus have all improved. I’ve even cut back on my pain pills!”


Patient Case Study - Patient 0957
47-year-old Female with Pain from a Ruptured Disc