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Vx® Therapy Program

Overcoming Physical and Emotional Trauma

Our in-home BioPsychoSocial program blends Virtual Reality with Behavioral Science to treat chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other symptoms of trauma.

Harvard MedTech
Harvard MedTech

We’re non-invasive

No needles, drugs, or

How We Help

Vx Therapy is an evidence-based program that employs a whole-person approach to help patients:

  • Reduce pain, anxiety, and depression levels
  • Decrease medication use
  • Improve daily living and social activity
  • Return to work sooner
Harvard MedTech
Harvard MedTech

Designed For
In-Home Use

Helps patients overcome trauma from their home

Digital Technology + Behavioral Health + AI

Our BioPsychoSocial program uses virtual reality and behavioral sciences to retrain the brain’s response to trauma.

  • Uses VR to reprogram the brain’s response to stimuli
  • Promotes organic healing using “smart sensor technology”
  • Provides relief during and after VR sessions
  • Measures patient outcomes and delivers evidence-based reporting
Harvard MedTech
Harvard MedTech

Care Team

Working together to
achieve better patient

Team Based Treatment

HMT Behavioral Clinicians work with physicians, nurse case managers, and insurance adjusters to facilitate greater levels of compliance and health outcomes for patients.

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