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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is there insurance coverage for the program?

Currently the program is covered by Workers Compensation insurance. Harvard MedTech has partnerships with major Workers Comp carriers and third-party administrators who are advocating for the use of the program by prescribing providers and providing reimbursement.


2.How do I identify appropriate patients for Vx Therapy?

The program is ideally suited for pain patients who have diagnosed or un-diagnosed but suspected psycho-social challenges such as anxiety and depression. These patients represent 60% of the medical spend in WC.


The program has also demonstrated efficacy as a viable non-narcotic, conservative treatment option for any patient in pain. There are HMT exclusion criterion as a part of the prescribing guidelines that will be provided to prescribers.


3.Does someone clinical always need to review the weekly update notes?

Yes. The program is designed around the BioPsychoSocial construct for treating chronic patients. In this construct, the physician of record (prescribing physician) is the center of the patient’s treatment plan. There may be other complementary medical personnel such as physical therapists and psychologists, but the prescribing physician has oversight.



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